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Residential Pool Leak Detection Services in Newark, DE

A backyard pool gives your family a great place to cool off during the summer months. When your Newark, DE home’s pool sits unused during the winter months, however, it can develop leaks. Many pool owners in Newark make the common mistake of assuming the water lost in their pool is all due to natural water evaporation. There are many factors that can lead to leaks in a pool, and the location of these leaks can be difficult to detect without using specialized equipment and methods. Thankfully, Ace Pools can take this stress off your shoulders with our professional pool leak detection services. With more than a decade of experience in maintaining home pools around Newark, DE our leak detection specialists have all the tools and expertise to pinpoint any leaks in your pool, repair them promptly, and even replace the concrete.

There are warning signs to look out for when checking for leaking in your pool. Some of these signs include more water loss than from evaporation alone, cracks within or around the pool decking, and dead or wet grass around the pool. Our Newark, DE pool leak detection experts will perform a thorough inspection of your pool, address any leaks, and fix them accordingly.

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Newark, DE Leak Detection Services

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Newark, DE Home Pool Leak Specialists

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Located in New Castle County, Delaware, about 12 miles southwest of Wilmington, is the city of Newark. Newark is is home to the largest university in the Delaware, the University of Delaware. University of Delaware is well known for its programs in business, biochemistry, chemistry, and chemical engineering. Newark’s Main Street is popular among students and locals alike, containing many restaurants and small retail shops. Also found around Newark are some large natural preserves and public parks including White Clay Creek Preserve, White Clay Creek State Park, and Middle Run Valley Natural Area.

If you are experiencing any problems with your Newark, DE home’s pool including any sort of leaks, pump repair, pool filter repair, our specialists are equipped to deal with all issues dealing with your pool. Our professional can take care of any repairs that may arise over the months of your pool not being in use. Give the Newark, DE leak detection specialists at Ace Pools a call today for a free estimate on repairs for your swimming pool!

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