Marshallton, PA Pool Closing Services

Residential Pool Closing Services in Marshallton, PA

As any long-time owner of a pool could tell you, closing your pool and having it done it properly is the most important aspect of maintaining your pool year-round. While one can attempt to do it on their own, there’s always the risk of closing it improperly. For this reason, it’s always advisable to hire the pros, like those at Ace Pools, to handle closing your Marshallton home’s pool. With more than a decade’s worth of experience with closing pools in Marshallton, we at Ace Pools will assure you that your pool is in good hands with us.

In order to keep your pool fully protected even throughout an icy winter in Marshallton, we’ll be sure to…

  • Drain the water below the tile
  • Blow out and plug pool plumbing lines
  • Inspect, remove and clean out the pool filter
  • We’ll then apply chemicals to prevent algae and scale from forming. After that’s done, we’ll install your pool cover.

We’ll provide the preventive care your pool needs and eliminate any potential issues that would otherwise come up over the course of winter. For added peace of mind, our owner will oversee your Marshallton home’s pool closing. Contact us today to make an appointment.

Marshallton, PA Pool Closing Services

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Marshallton, PA Residential Pool Closing Services

Marshallton, PA HOME Pool Closing

Marshallton is a small community in Chester County, Pennsylvania, with an estimated population of about 1,160 as of 2020. Situated along PA Route 162 (Strasburg Road), Marshallton is one of the 3 historic districts within West Bradford Township that are on the National Register of Historic Places. Marshallton is widely known for the notable Highland Orchards as well as various historic buildings, including the Marshallton Inn and the Humphry Marshall house. Humphry Marshall was a well-respected Quaker botanist and mason who had built the Bradford Friends Meetinghouse located in the center of the town.

If you are seeking a professional pool company to handle closing your Marshallton home’s pool, calling Ace Pools is your best bet! We’ll provide you with a free estimate for our professional pool closing services.

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