Kent County, DE Pool Closing Services

Residential Pool Closing Services in Kent County, DE

Pool season is everyone’s favorite season, but when it’s about that time for the summer fun to come to an end, ensuring your swimming pool is properly prepared to close for the season should be your top priority. Pools are great for relaxing and having fun, but they’re also a huge commitment. That is where Ace Pools comes in to lend a hand. Let us keep your pool in working order with professional pool maintenance and closing services. Let the experts handle your pool closing needs so that you can avoid high repair costs shorten the maintenance time needed before you open your pool again. With over 12 years of experience, our team at Ace Pools provides superb pool closing services across the Kent County area.

In order to keep your pool fully protected even throughout an icy winter in Kent County, we’ll be sure to…

  • Drain the water below the tile
  • Blow out and plug pool plumbing lines
  • Inspect, remove and clean out the pool filter
  • We’ll then apply chemicals to prevent algae and scale from forming. After that’s done, we’ll install your pool cover.

We’ll provide the preventive care your pool needs and eliminate any potential issues that would otherwise come up over the course of winter. For added peace of mind, our owner will oversee your Kent County home’s pool closing. Contact us today to make an appointment.

Kent County, DE Pool Closing Services

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Kent County, DE Residential Pool Closing Services

Kent County HOME Pool Closing

Kent is a county located in the central parts of Delaware. The county has an estimated population of around 162,300 residents as of the 2010 census. The county seat of the area is Dover, which is the state capital of Delaware. The county is named after kent, which is an English county. In 1670, the English settled in the valley of the St. Jones River, which was known then as Wolf Creek. William Penn ordered that the court town be laid out in the area and the courthouse was built in 1697. That town was called Dover after Dover in England’s Kent County. 

If you are seeking a professional pool company to handle closing your Kent County home’s pool, calling Ace Pools is your best bet! We’ll provide you with a free estimate for our professional pool closing services.

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