Schedule Expert Pool Repair Service In Wilmington & Hockessin, DE

Schedule Expert Pool Repair Service In Wilmington & Hockessin, DE

Don't Go the Summer Without Your Pool

A swimming pool offers endless opportunities to enjoy the warm weather in your very own backyard. But to use your pool, you need every single component working properly. If your pool pump or motor is on the fritz, don't wait to call for help.

Ace Pools in Wilmington & Hockessin, DE offers reliable inground pool repair, so you never have to go a day without your pool. Our experts will come to troubleshoot your issues and provide the long-lasting solutions you need to get your pool up and running again.


We also offer leak detection and repair. Unlike most companies, we will locate and repair the leak. We can also consult on how to avoid costly repairs if they aren't necessary. Contact us today to schedule pool repair service or leak detection in Wilmington & Hockessin, DE.

Do you need professional pool repairs?

Even if you aren't a pool expert, there are easy ways to know when you need inground pool repair. Look for these common telltale signs:

  • Your pool pump is making weird noises
  • Your pool lights won't turn on
  • Your water is turning green faster
  • Your pool filter isn't catching debris
  • Your heat pump isn't turning on

No matter the issue, we can provide the pool repair service you need.